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Advertise with FinalRevise

Advertise with finalrevise
Finalrevise.com is an educational platform which is already served useful study material to over 1M+ students. We are growing rapidly and adding more useful features every day.

We are providing wide range of advertising options for advertisers at FinalRevise as well as our social media channels.

- Facebook/Instagram
- WhatsApp
- FinalRevise website

Affordable Tour and Traveling

Travel with finalrevise
Bored after taking exams. Want to do something adventurous, we are here for you.
We will provide you the best travelling experience you ever had by giving you the best facilities in affordable price.

- Full transportation
- Group discounts
- DJ night
- Bon Fire
- Luxury Rooms

Best Hostels and PGs

Book your PG/Hostel with finalrevise
As we are solving every problems of college campus so how can we forget about PG.
After taking admission the second thing you need is a good pg with good facilities.
PG is the second home away from home that you need to live in with all full amenities-

- Wi-Fi
- Refrigerator/Air Conditioner
- Good environment
- Affordable price
- Near your college

Event Management and Printing

Festivals management with finalrevise
Finalrevise.com is providing wide range of service options for societies and colleges students arranging technical/cultural college festivals. So, they will focus on execution not on arrangements.

- Posters and Banners
- Printed hoodies, t-shirts
- Medals And Momentos
- Photography Services
- Anchors, Comedians and Professional DJs
- Sponsorship

Our Apps

FinalRevise - Old papers/Notes/Books/Study material

Finalrevise App logo
FinalRevise is a solution for all the hazels of exam preparations whether it include Entrance exam preparations, Board exam preparations or University exams. It is a platform where you can find previous year question papers of different exams. Our vision is to include previous year papers of all courses, exams, semesters, topics so that students across the world can benefit from this source.
With the intent of providing all possible study material, we strive towards making studies and last minute preparations easy and comfortable, emerging confident inside student before the examination. We are constantly adding new material on our platform.

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